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10 Quick Ideas for Student Use of Office Mix

Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint that contains everything you need to easily create and share interactive online videos. You can include voice, video, digital ink, polling and interactive apps.


Office Mix is great for educators and students! (Mix currently requires PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 on Windows.)

I have spoken to lots of teachers who are using Office Mix to create presentations, videos and activities for their students. It is also a simple way to get started with the flipped classroom. I often use Office Mix to support professional learning workshops.

There is a great site for teachers full of tips, examples and scenarios: Office Mix for Teachers.

However it is a great tool for students as well. Here are ten quick ideas for student use of  Office Mix.

10 Quick Ideas for Student Use of Office Mix

  1. Use a blank slide for mindmapping in group project work; record your conversations for evidence.
  2. Create a Mix TV ad to promote the book you are currently reading; use quizzes to get feedback from your peers.
  3. Create Mixes teaching local culture, history etc. for students in different countries (particularly where time zones make Skype a bit impractical).
  4. Record compositions or class singing and share with parents; include lyrics and animations so parents can join in karaoke style.
  5. Scan or photograph student work and record peer feedback.
  6. Create a Mix of a learning project or story; include videos, photos and scans or work, add a voiceover to tell your journey.
  7. Recreate a historic speech – use creative commons images and sound clips to enhance.
  8. Display the work and results of a science project from hypothesis to conclusion; include quizzes to collect peers and parents thoughts on the results.
  9. Create a virtual tour of the school for your school website – include quizzes to test new students and visitors .
  10. Collate the best slides from all your Mixes to create an end-of-term Mix and share with the rest of the school and parents.

Happy Mixing!

This video shows an example of Office Mix being used to demonstrate student understanding: