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Create amazing presentations with Sway

1. What is Sway?

Sway is a simple to use tool for creating beautiful and engaging web-based presentations.
Sways can include text, images, videos, and lots more!

Teachers can use Sway to create and share interactive lessons, assignments, study guides, trip reports, and best practices. Students can use Sway bring assignments, projects, reports, and study materials to life in a new way.

Sways are responsive to your screen size, so are beautiful (and readable) whether you are viewing on a computer, TV, phone, or tablet.

You can also simply embed Sways into websites, blogs and OneNote books.

2. How do I get started with Sway?

Sway is available as an app for Office 365 Education users – or you can sign up for free at (There are also apps available for Windows 10 and iOS.)

You can start with a blank Sway or convert an existing Word, PowerPoint or PDF document into a Sway.

This video shows you how to create a Sway and explores some common options:

Once you have created a Sway, you simply share the web address with your friends, teachers, parents, or the whole world. In a school, you are able to restrict it so that only people with a school email address can view your Sways.

3. Where can I see some examples?

a) I made this Sway for my sister to show her how to make Anzac biscuits:

b) A Sway I made to demonstrate simple interactivity ideas:

c) There are lots of great Sways from students and teachers collected here:

d) Some more great examples of Sways in Education

4. Where can I find out more?

Once you have mastered the basics, check out this awesome Sway for 10 Top Tips and Tricks to make your Sways look great: